Destination: Best Coast

Moving sucks. We all know that. Some people may try to focus on the bright side (if there is one)—it’s a chance for a new start, perhaps returning to an old life to attend to unfinished business, a new job, blah blah blah. That doesn’t change the fact that moving sucks. You have to pack your whole life (mementos from childhood, important documents, knick knacks we haven’t been able to let go of for a decade, stuffed animals an ex got us when we were sick that one time and its eye is falling out…) into boxes, and maybe pack those boxes into a giant box. Or you finally sell things you’ve toted around the country or State or county with you for the last 7 years. You have to save a LOT of money… like, a LOT of money. You have to say goodbye or see you later to friends you’ve had for years or maybe new friends you’ve only had a few months to enjoy with. You have to try to fit in things to do that you still have not yet done in the city even though you’ve lived there for half a decade. Moving sucks.

I hate moving. This is my 10th time moving, and half of those times were across town. I have moved from an island to another island about 7 hours away by plane, then from that island to the mainland US about 5 hours away by plane. Then from one coast to the other. And now I’m working my way BACK to that coast. I hate moving, but when I do it, I do it BIG.

When we first moved from California to Boston, we drove across the country and did it in 5 days. That wasn’t exactly a “see your country and all it has to offer” kind of drive. That was an “oh shit we have to get to Boston and we don’t really have any money to spend any more time doing stuff” kind of drive. While the latter is still pretty true, there’s not as much urgency to get to our destination this trip. So we at least have the luxury of time so we can enjoy the road trip this time around. Eighteen days allows for a hell of a lot more sightseeing than 5. And because I hate moving (and the Lady is not necessarily a fan), we decided to call this portion of the move our vacation. And we are going to enjoy it, dammit!

(The next couple of posts will be recaps of the trip. I hope you enjoy it as much as we are.)

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